Schools in Patras invited to visit the University and the AVARES 3D World
Tuesday, 10 February 2015

AVARES Project is going to be used by the University of Patras as an activity for local schools to be introduced to the University and new Technologies.
University of Patras invites every year local schools and their teachers to participate with their classes to various activities at the University in order to introduce students to the University and new technologies.
In collaboration with the University's Vocational Training Center, the AVARES 3D World will be offered as one of the available activities this year.
Interested Teachers will be able to visit the University with their students and use the Computer Laboratory offered by the University's Vocational Training Center, to connect and explore the AVARES 3D World.
Objectives of the activity will be to introduce students to the Renewable Energy Sources, support their collaborative working skills and some ICT skills such as Virtual Reality.

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AVARES Community Forum launched
Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Community Forum has been prepared about the AVARES Learning Platform. You are all invited to join the AVARES Community and share your experiences with AVARES, report and ask help about problems and participate in discussions with other trainers about AVARES or other training related topics.

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Project Completion
Monday, 02 November 2014

The AVARES project has been successfully completed. The AVARES Virtual Learning Environment and the 3D World is available for everyone to visit.

Avares VLE
3D World Connection Instructions

Interview about Avares
Thursday, 23 October 2014

Presentation of project and workshop in web portal 'Pemptousia' The portal features a video interview of the project leader Dr. Hatzilygeroudis, describing the workshop and the project's objectives.

Watch the interview (Greek): [Pemptousia.gr]

AVARES Workshop in Patras
Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Workshop in Teaching RES with Virtual Reality took place in Patras on 24-25 September 2014 in cooperation with the University's Museum of Science. On the first day various lectures were presented, related to RES Training, Virtual Reality and E-Learning:

  • Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis - "AVARES Project Presentation"
  • Panagiotis Giannoulis - "Research and Training in RES at the Physics Department of UP since 1975"
  • Michael Paraskevas - "E-Learning Services in the Greek School Network"
  • Spyridon Papadakis - "Technology Supported Training Innovations in and out of the Classroom"
  • Stylianos Mystakidis - "Real LEarning in Virtual Environments 5 1 Good Practices of using Virtual Worlds in Training"

On the second day of the workshop, participants were divided in three groups, based on their domain and status (students, trainers, ICT trainers). Each session started with an introduction presenting the 3D Virtual World and providing instructions to create an avatar and navigate. Then attendants followed the instructions and connected in the 3D World. After a short period to customize their avatar and get accustomed to the controls, the attendants followed the coordinator in a short tour around two of the islands. Finally the attendants were free to explore the world on their own and were asked to complete an online questionnaire to collect their feedback.

Read More: http://aigroup.ceid.upatras.gr/wavares/

Promotional Videos

Two promotional videos about the AVARES 3D World have been uploaded. The videos present two of the Islands in AVARES (the Main Island and the Solar Energy Island). The version shown in these videos is not the final one. Several improvements were made based on feedback from the Piloting activities and the Workshop.

Wind Turbine

Hello and welcome to AVARES project.

Commitments made in the field of climate protection have influence on the EU's energy strategy which is primary focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, whose potential in particular member countries are not negligible. From this point of view it is very important to focus education and training on the acquirement expertise and knowledge of the RES and technologies that relate to this area.

The objectives of the AVARES project are implementation of virtual reality into vocational and lifelong training with the emphasis on its quality and attractiveness.

Participants of the education process, through theoretical knowledge obtained in the multimedia learning materials and virtual reality of the 3D RES Park, will acquire knowledge and skills for preparation and competently review the project from the RES, to assess the suitability of the type of renewable energy for specific natural, climatic and geographical conditions. They can analyze the energy consumption of buildings or premises and will be able to design and implement energy efficient solution with regard to available resources. New methods of learning give possibilities for application the principles of the non-barrier learning.